Tokina AT-X 17 AF PRO 17mm f/3.5

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The Tokina AT-X 17 AF PRO 17mm f/3.5 is a camera glass that provides a wide angle view. It has autofocus capabilities and can also be used manually. The lens is made up of several elements and has a coating to improve image quality. The build quality is good and the lens has a decent resolution. There are alternative lenses available in the market with similar features. The bokeh or background blur produced by this lens is average. The aperture is f/3.5 which is not the brightest in its category. The lens takes some time to manufacture and is not readily available.

The Tokina AT-X 17 AF PRO 17mm f/3.5 camera lens is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality wide-angle lens that won’t break the bank. Despite being a little weighty, this lens produces fantastic results, with sharp and clear images that are perfect for landscapes, architecture, and other wide-angle shots. The build quality is also impressive, with a solid, metal construction that feels like it could last a lifetime.

The main downside of this lens is its weight, which can be a little tiring after extended use. Additionally, the autofocus can be a bit slow and noisy, which may be a concern for some users. Finally, while the image quality is excellent overall, there is some distortion and vignetting at the edges of the frame, which may require some post-processing to correct.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Tokina AT-X 17 AF PRO 17mm f/3.5 camera lens to anyone in the market for a wide-angle lens. It’s a great alternative to more expensive Canon lenses, and offers excellent image quality and build quality for the price. While it’s not a perfect lens, it’s certainly one that any enthusiast or professional photographer should consider adding to their kit.

Optical design

Average brightness in this league Has 8 aperture blades, with this amount of aperture blades you will be satisfied with the result.

Physical characteristics

65 mm long, this small lens should be always in the camera bag. Weights 440 grams so plan ahead, carry only if really necessary. With a lens filter diameter of 77 mm this lens deserves a good quality filter, this is commonly filter size, presents numerous filter possibilities.

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5 reviews for Tokina AT-X 17 AF PRO 17mm f/3.5


    2.0 user rated as 4.2/5

  2. rated as 4.9/5

  3. May 07, 2017

    A very sharp lens I bought this lens to shoot underwater images. It has a very good reputation for underwater photography. Despite being a dx,some photographers will use it on their full frame bodies. I have enjoyed taking very nice and sharp images with my sony a6300, coupled with a metabones 4 adapter. Its ability for very close focusing marks it as unique since many lenses do not offer this feature.

  4. Nov 08, 2013

    Good for the buck really good lens Perfect lens is is ideal for Underwater Photographers, nice colors, it can be a little bit sharper and I will like it to focus faster but over all is the best fish eye you can buy for the money and to take beautyful underwater pictures

  5. Apr 07, 2013

    Great lens Although this lens is a little weighty, I got fantastic results from it. I would recommend to anyone as a much cheaper option to canon lenses.

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