Sony LA-EA5

Sony LA-EA5 available. It doesn’t have translucent mirro, we are taking the best of LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 adapters.


The new mount adapter LA-EA5 announced by Sony yesterday and pre-sale started at Sony store. You can see the AF coupling at the arrow. LA-EA5 has allows AF operation of lenses without a motor. There was also a tripod mount at the bottom of the mount adapter. . The new LA-EA5 did not have this pedestal, and even the driving motor was put in the lens barrel. If you find a person’s face without making any settings, Eye AF will work. The feeling of operation is truly silent with the latest E-mount lens, and there is no feeling of slippery, and since AF coupling is used, backlash (play) is felt a little, but AF is driven with a rugged feel. This phase-difference AF feels the same when operating in AF mode “AF-C”, but the expression when operating in AF is exactly the same as with E-mount lenses. Real-time eye AF and real-time tracking are working with the A-mount lens.

The LA-EA5 doesn’t have translucent mirror, we are taking the best of LA-EA3 and LA-EA4.


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