Sony AF 20mm f/2.8

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The Sony AF 20mm f/2.8 is a camera glass that captures wide-angle photos with a fast aperture of f/2.8. It has both autofocus and manual focus capabilities, giving photographers more control over their shots. The lens is made up of several glass elements and has a special coating to reduce glare and improve image quality. The lens is well-built and durable, making it a reliable choice for photographers who need a lens that can withstand heavy use. The lens has a wide aperture that allows for great bokeh, or the out-of-focus areas in a photo. The lens has a good resolution, meaning that it captures sharp and detailed photos. There are other alternatives to this lens on the market, but the Sony AF 20mm f/2.8 is a good choice for photographers who want a wide-angle lens with a fast aperture. The manufacturing time of the lens is not mentioned, but it is likely that it takes some time to produce due to the complexity of the lens design. Overall, the Sony AF 20mm f/2.8 is a high-quality photographic lens that is well-suited for a variety of photography styles.

– Extremely portable and a perfect fit for all Sony E-mount cameras, both Full Frame and APS-C.
– Versatile with the option to use clear image zoom to get additional equivalent views without noticeable loss of sharpness.
– Super lightweight, making it ideal for backpacking and travel.

– The need to crop the dark corners or use “Clear image zoom” to get an equivalent field of view in APS-C mode may be inconvenient for some users.
– Although the hood isn’t necessary for reducing flare or ghosts, some may still prefer to use it for added protection.

Overall, the Sony AF 20mm f/2.8 camera lens is a great choice for photographers looking for a portable and versatile lens that can deliver excellent results without compromising on sharpness. While some users may find its limitations in APS-C mode frustrating, the lens’s superior portability and clear image zoom make it an excellent option for travel and landscape photography.

Optical design

Bright lens thanks to the high aperture value Has 7 aperture blades, mid-grade lenses usually have this amount of blades. Having rounded blades provides out of focus circle shape closer to a circle.

Physical characteristics

Weights 285 grams so consider putting to your camera bag. 53 mm long, this small lens should be always in the camera bag.

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7 reviews for Sony AF 20mm f/2.8

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  3. Nov 04, 2021

    The best Sony APS-C Lens First of all, do not listen to people or reviews who say this lens isn’t sharp. They’re wrong. All you have to do is look at sample images on Flickr. If your concern with this lens is sharpness don’t worry about it. Not only is this lens sharp the micro contrast is surprisingly good for a cheap Sony lens. The 28mm full frame equivalent is my favorite focal length. This lens is 20mm which on an APS-C camera is 30mm. That extra 2 mm of telephoto is absolutely wonderful. The difference is minor but it’s still so so versatile. The perfect in between lens. For everyday use this lens doesn’t leave my A6000. I only take it off when I want to do portraits. My primary application of this lens is street photography. IMO it is the best 28mm’ish lens for the Sony APS-C system for street photography.

  4. Jul 26, 2017

    You get what you payed for It is exactly as advertised: small, light, efficient with AF… Not the sharpest lens on the market but for its value it holds up as expected. I’m very satisfied with it as it is a very versatile focal length and I do use the Clear Image Zoom on my a6500. I have been using the 20mm for travel and dance photography/videography. I upgraded to this lens from the Sony 16mm f2.8 and am much more confident now with the image quality (less distortion, chromatic aberration, blurry edges…), would recommend the 20mm for those of you deciding between the two!

  5. Dec 03, 2019

    Form factor is AWESOME I bought this lens for travel photography…because it is so small and light. The sharpness is very good and the speed (f/2.8) is an improvement over the kit zoom lens. The focal length (30mm equivalent) is perfect for a travel lens.

  6. Apr 06, 2019

    The best lens for 6xxx series of Sony cameras. I had the Minolta’s FF 20/2.8 and Sony 16/2.8 and this little pancake runs circles around both – in every respect. It produces very sharp and contrasty images

    The auto-focus is quite and instant. The effective 30mm focal length is perfect for general plinking.

    It can even be used on the full frame cameras, and with APS formatting turned off it produces compelling panoramic images.

    Mounted on a6xxx camera makes the system almost pocketable.

  7. Sep 22, 2017

    extremely portable – perfect fit for all sony – e-mount cameras, FULL FRame and aps. i use it on A7RII with aps-c mode turned off. This way i get approximately 22-24mm equivalent field of view , after cropping the dark corners or using “Clear image zoom” set to 1.2. i can get an equivalent of 1:2 landscape panorama using full frame 20mm view.(cropping top and bottom). Versatility of clear image zoom on a7rII is incredible if i set it to max = 2.0 ration i get a standard / wide 40mm view with this lens with NO noticeable loss of sharpness, excellent for 16×20 print!!
    super light weight for backpacking and travel. Hood NOT needed, virtually no flare or ghosts without hood. OEM hood makes no difference,, thus can be avoided to maximize portability.

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