Quantaray AF 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 D

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Quantaray AF 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 D is a camera glass that can be used with different camera mounts. It has a zoom range of 28-90mm, which makes it a versatile photographic lens for different shooting situations. It has autofocus capabilities, which can be useful for fast-paced photography. However, if you prefer manual focus, you can switch to manual mode.

The lens has multiple glass elements that work together to produce sharp and clear images. The lens coating helps to reduce glare and improve contrast. The build quality is decent, although it may not be as durable as some other alternatives.

When it comes to aperture, the lens has a maximum aperture of f/3.5-5.6, which means it may not be the best option for low-light photography. However, it can still produce decent bokeh, which refers to the quality of the out-of-focus areas in an image.

The manufacturing time of the lens is not specified, but it has been available for several years. The resolution of the lens is average, which means it may not be the best option for professional photographers who require the highest level of detail in their images.

Overall, the Quantaray AF 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 D is a decent option for amateur photographers who want a versatile lens for their full-frame camera.

– The lens is of good quality and performs well.
– It can be mounted on Minolta/Sony cameras and works seamlessly.
– The lens is reliable and sturdy, lasts for a long time.

– The lens can wear out after years of use and thousands of pictures taken.
– It may not have the latest autofocus technology, which could be a drawback for some photographers.

Overall, the Quantaray AF 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 D camera lens is a reliable and high-performing lens that is well-suited for Minolta/Sony users. It may not be the most advanced lens in the market, but it is a great option for those looking for a quality, reasonably-priced lens that can produce sharp and clear images. If you’re a vintage lens enthusiast, you may appreciate the performance and durability of this lens.

Optical design

Has 9 aperture blades, with this amount of aperture blades you will be satisfied with the result. Average brightness in this league

Physical characteristics

84 mm long, requires consideration if you want to carry in the camera bag. Weights 256 grams so consider putting to your camera bag. With a lens filter diameter of 55 mm commonly filter size, presents numerous filter possibilities.

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7 reviews for Quantaray AF 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 D

  1. allphotolenses.com

    2.0 allphotolenses.com user rated as 4.4/5

  2. Ebay.com

    Ebay.com rated as 4.33/5

  3. Ebay.com Mar 06, 2010

    Quantaray 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 – low price, good value! This lens (28-90mm) has the perfect range to be a good general use lens for my camera, and the price I got from this seller was excellent. I have two other Quantaray lenses, so I was not worried about the quality of this brand. I realize that having a proprietary Pentax lens would have been the best choice, but my budget did not allow for it at this time. So far, I am happy with the quality of the pictures we have taken with this lens.

  4. Ebay.com Apr 07, 2011

    A real sleeper – surprisingly good From what I’ve read, this Japanese-made lens was manufactured by Sigma; its appearance and specifications are very similar to a Sigma 28-80mm lens.

    I can’t give this lens an Excellent rating because it’s not an outstanding lens, but at its price point (less than $50), it’s a real gem. Other autofocus lenses at this price point are generally below average in sharpness, color and contrast. But the Quantaray is quite sharp — as sharp as my kit lens (Pentax DA L II 18-55mm). The color and contrast are decent. The focusing speed is average. It’s a screw-driven focusing lens, so it will have the associated focusing sound.

    The macro function at 90mm (1:2.33) is quite nice, though it can be challenging to get it into and out of macro mode. You have to zoom to 90mm, then focus on something close, then flip the switch. Then the zoom ring is locked into position and you can focus quite close. Getting out of macro mode is similar: focus on something distant, flip the switch, then you can zoom and focus normally.

    So if you need a near-macro, short zoom lens, this is a great option.

  5. Ebay.com May 18, 2017

    Great lens for the price Purchased this lens in a pinch. It has really surprised me! It’s nice and sharp, super light weight and compact. Hadn’t planned to keep it but I keep going back to it.. If you need a good lens that won’t break the bank and you can do without auto focus, you can’t go wrong with this one. It is absolutely a beginners lens but it takes great shots.

  6. Ebay.com Dec 29, 2016

    QUANTARAY Tech-10 AF 24mm F 2.8 Lens for NIKON. Anyone who owns a clean version of this lens knows it is a fantastic lens, it’s a Sigma Super Wide II with a different name.
    I bought this lens on a whim because I couldn’t afford the Nikon 24mm f2.8 D Af at the time.
    Let me say it has great IQ good color and great contrast I own the Sigma Super Wide II Af as well and find them to being close to identical in IQ and build.

    I now own the Nikon 24mm f2.8 D Af and did a comparison test on all three with same tripod fixed location and a Nikon D700 in Raw the results are in order.

    #1 Nikon: Slips just a hair above the Sigma and Quantary in Micro contrast a bit more vivid colors and a bit more corner sharpness wide open, and as with most older Nikkor’s better build quality.

    #2 Sigma: runs a close neck and neck with the Nikon when stopped down from f5.6 to f16 it is bang on sharp with great color and contrast, infinity sharpness is as good as the Nikkor in good light. Starts to fall off after f16 whereas the Nikkor holds it together till f22.

    #3 Quantary: Just about as good as the Sigma at f5.6 to f11 sharp with great color and contrast, infinity sharpness is as good as the Nikkor in good light. but shows softening at the far edge of the corners more than the Sigma and Nikkor wide open till f8, starts to degrade slightly after f11 at f16 you will see more lens diffraction going on.

    The one thing that the Sigma and Quantary have under the hood is it can focus super close to your subject, whereas the Nikon does not get as close like a little under one foot close this little trick is useful for some great creative shooting options.

    Note: all these lenses are used all three are in good condition inside and out but they are close to 30 years old, taking this into account and not knowing how and what conditions they where used in there past could play a factor in my comparison test.

    Personally I like the Sigma and Quantary neutral colors for late afternoon landscape shooting when it comes to open air surroundings with red earth tones such as my location in New Mexico, western Colorado and Utah.
    On dull flat or low light days dim wooded areas the Nikon works great as it has more vivid colors and micro contrast as well as cleaner corners wide open, it will pull in better image information with Raw files. What the Quantary or Sigma does above 12 mega pixels is another story.

    I didn’t notice that much Af noise between the three as there is not much focus movement with a wide angle prime as you would with a telephoto or mid zoom.

    I did own a Sigma Super Wide Af before buying the Quantary and it was beat. It was the rubberized version (Ugly and sticky) it had an internal Af gearing hanging up issue and it was loud and would no focus correctly but surprisingly was still sharp manually focusing, I returned it.

    If you can find one of these in good condition for under $100.00 go for it, if you can find one still new in the box for $150.00 or less grab it.

  7. Ebay.com Sep 12, 2009

    Quality lens I have used this lens on my Minolta Maxxum D7 since I the camera new; it was previously used by my Minolta 35 mm film camera; Performed well, but wore out after about 8 years of thousands of pics, both film and Ditigal. Happy to get a replacement. The new one I purched here recently works great! I would recomment this lens for any Minolta/Sony user.

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