Enna München 85-250mm f/4 Tele-Zoo is a camera glass that provides a range of focal lengths from 85mm to 250mm, making it ideal for capturing distant subjects. The lens has a fixed aperture of f/4, which means it can maintain a consistent exposure throughout the zoom range. The photo lens has a manual focus system, which requires the user to manually adjust the focus ring to achieve sharp images. The lens is made up of multiple glass elements, which help to reduce distortion and improve image quality. The glass elements also have a special coating that helps to reduce glare and improve contrast. The build quality of the photographic lens is high, with a durable metal construction that can withstand regular use. The lens has a resolution that is sharp and detailed, making it ideal for capturing high-quality images. There are alternative lenses available in the market with similar focal lengths and apertures, but Enna München 85-250mm f/4 Tele-Zoo offers a unique combination of features that make it a great choice for photographers who require a high-quality telephoto zoom lens. The manufacturing time of the lens is not mentioned, but it is likely to have been produced several decades ago.

Optical design

Has 10 aperture blades, this lens has a beautiful bokeh. Great choice mainly for good light conditions

Physical characteristics

Weights 1600 grams so it is a heavy lens, consider using its own lens bag.

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