Minolta AF 28-75mm f/2.8 D

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This camera glass has a good build quality and is made with high-quality lens elements that provide sharp images. The lens coating helps to reduce ghosting and flares, which can be a common problem in some photographic lenses. It has a fast aperture of f/2.8, which allows for low light photography and creates a shallow depth of field for nice bokeh. This photo lens is an autofocus lens, but can also be used in manual focus mode. The lens is manufactured for full frame cameras, but can also be used on crop sensor cameras with some limitations. The lens has been available for a while, but still remains a popular choice due to its good resolution and versatility. There are alternative lenses available in the market, but this lens is a good option for those who want a high-quality zoom lens with a fast aperture.

– Well-built tank-like construction, feels sturdy in the hand.
– Great zoom range from 28mm to 75mm, allowing for versatility in shooting.
– Fast f/2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range, making it ideal for low-light photography and achieving shallow depth of field.
– Very sharp at all focal lengths except at 70mm f/2.8, which can be easily compensated by stepping up to f/3.2.

– Softness at 70mm f/2.8, but as noted above, this can be easily fixed by closing down the aperture to f/3.2.
– Focus can be slow and noisy, which may pose a challenge in some situations.
– No image stabilization, which may cause some blurring at lower shutter speeds when hand-held.

Overall, the Minolta AF 28-75mm f/2.8 D camera lens is a great option for photographers seeking a reliable and versatile zoom lens. It’s built like a tank, has a fast aperture and a useful range, and delivers sharp images. The softness at 70mm f/2.8 is only a minor issue and can be easily fixed. However, the slow and noisy focus, as well as the lack of image stabilization, may not be ideal for certain situations. Nevertheless, it’s a solid lens that’s worth adding to any photographer’s kit.

Optical design

Has 7 aperture blades, mid-grade lenses usually have this amount of blades. Having rounded blades provides out of focus circle shape closer to a circle. Bright lens thanks to the high aperture value

Physical characteristics

127 mm long, requires consideration if you want to carry in the camera bag. With a lens filter diameter of 67 mm commonly filter size, provides a range of filter options. Weights 510 grams so plan ahead, carry only if really necessary.

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9 reviews for Minolta AF 28-75mm f/2.8 D

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    1.0 allphotolenses.com user rated as 3.4/5

  2. dyxum.com

    125 dyxum.com user rated as 4.44/5

  3. ebay.com

    22 ebay.com user rated as 4.52/5

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    7 lens-club.ru user rated as 3.64/5

  5. Ebay.com Jan 04, 2018

    Double Edged Sword When you have great lighting, this lens puts out a gorgeous image sooc w/o post. However, you absolutely must use a lens hood because it flares like crazy with anything back lit. My copy is softer at 2.8 at 70mm than my mino 70-200 f4 beer can wide open at 70mm. Forget about getting close to a subject’s face on full frame. The MFD is about a yard. For the money, the Tamron 28-75 2.8 macro is a very serviceable, sharp lens and will cost you less. The Tammy is more versatile, weighs less and can be used as a rather bulky but doable walk around. This mino is too big for walk around. I would say you could use it for events, but it focuses VERY slow and it hunts like a witch in low light, so I’d imagine it would ruin your reputation if you tried to shoot a wedding reception with it, but I haven’t tried that so I could be wrong. Compared to my other minoltas, which are just “d” lenses, it focuses about half as fast. If you are a collector and you want an old lens that can inspire you with it’s beautiful color and contrast with good bokeh for a zoom, you will really enjoy this lens. If you want a reliable work horse that won’t give you a back ache of you carry it all day, get the Tammy. I felt like I always had to do more work in post with the Tammy though, even with well composed, well lit shots, but I didn’t miss as many shots in low light/indoors either, so…. For a $300-$500 lens in this zoom range and speed those are the two best options I’ve found. Choosing one is just a matter of deciding which trade offs you’re more comfortable with and how much you want to pay.

  6. Ebay.com Oct 13, 2022

    A zoom with prime image quality I’ve always lusted after a Zeiss 24-70, but this is a much better value. I’m frankly shocked at the IQ, and I dare anyone to tell the difference between it and the Zeiss. It’s a constant aperture lens, so you can shoot at f 2.8 throughout the entire zoom range.

    It’s bulletproof, all metal and glass, oozing with quality and gravitas. Big 72 mm filter ring lets in lots of light, and the bokeh is the best of any zoom I’ve seen.

    The clear heavyweight champion for A mount zooms in this range. Between this and the beer can, there’s nothing you don’t have covered. While the “secret handshake” 28-105 is good, and a better walk around range, its IQ doesn’t hold a candle to this.

    I use on E mount, with the LA-EA4R Monster Adapter mod for the Sony LA-EA4 adapter. The Monster mod does 2 things: it removes the adapter’s mirror (improving IQ and letting in another crucial half stop of light), and it enables the Sony camera body’s built in eye autofocus (IAF), including animal IAF, for these older A mount AF lenses. The fact that the Monster mod allows you to save literally tens of thousands of dollars on E mount lenses is really the tip of the iceberg, even though that alone should be sufficient for most users of E mount bodies. But the real value is getting the luscious, dreamy vintage IQ of these world class lenses, and being able to use all the modern IAF technologies of your mirrorless camera.

    That’s why you’d want these A mount lenses. And this one is the high water mark for this zoom range. You’d literally have to spend 10x more to get an E mount equivalent, and I guarantee you’d prefer the IQ of this anyway.

  7. Ebay.com Sep 02, 2016

    More From the Minds at Minolta Minolta made many great lenses including the professional grade AF 28-70 F/2.8 G lens. Considering this lens was introduced in the 1990’s, today it functions very well on the SONY A-mount a99 SLT. Heavy, but great Minolta optics. Lacks the auto focusing speed and special coatings of today’s lenses, but takes great pictures. Alternative to this lens is the SONY 24-70 F/2.8.

  8. Ebay.com Oct 30, 2020

    Nice lens I finally got a chance to use this lens. It’s not quite as sharp as I had hoped but it’s a really nice lens and perfect for my newborn sessions. It has a bit of wear on it but for the age it’s fine.

  9. Ebay.com Apr 19, 2016

    Minotaur 28-70 f2.8 This a great tank of a lens. Would highly recommend it. The only soft area is at 70mm f2.8 but by 3.2 sharpens up nice. If you are shooting outside with good light it is pretty sharp at 2.8 and 70mm. Everywhere else it is extremely sharp. If you get a chance pick one up.

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