Minolta AF 100-400mm f/4.5-6.7 APO

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The Minolta AF 100-400mm f/4.5-6.7 APO is a camera glass that can be used with different camera mounts. It has a focus range of 100-400mm, allowing you to zoom in on distant subjects. The bokeh, or the quality of the out-of-focus areas, is good due to the lens elements and lens coating. It has an autofocus system, but you can also use it manually. The lens elements are made of high-quality glass to ensure good resolution and sharpness. It has a variable aperture, meaning that the maximum aperture changes depending on the focal length you are using. The build quality is good, making it durable and long-lasting. This lens was manufactured some time ago, so it may not be available as a new product. If you are looking for alternatives, you can consider other ultra telephoto zoom lenses from different brands.


  • Excellent build quality and design, feels solid and ergonomic in the hand.
  • Impressive image quality with good sharpness and color rendition, even at the long end of the focal range.
  • Decent autofocus speed and accuracy, especially in good lighting conditions.
  • Effective image stabilization system that helps to reduce camera shake and blur.
  • Versatile zoom range that makes it suitable for various types of photography, such as wildlife, sports, and portraits.
  • Affordable price range for a telephoto zoom lens.


  • The lens is quite heavy and bulky, which may not be ideal for extended handheld use.
  • The autofocus can struggle in low light or low contrast situations, and may require manual intervention.
  • The maximum aperture of f/6.7 at the telephoto end can be limiting for low light photography and shallow depth of field.


  • Overall, the Minolta AF 100-400mm f/4.5-6.7 APO is a solid performer for its age and price range. Whether you are a vintage lens enthusiast or a Sony DSLR user looking for an affordable telephoto zoom lens, this lens is worth considering. While it may have some limitations, its quality, versatility, and durability make it a reliable option for many photographers.

Optical design

Has 9 aperture blades, with this amount of aperture blades you will be satisfied with the result.

Physical characteristics

149 mm long, with this size carry only if you use it. Weights 840 grams so it is a heavy lens, consider using its own lens bag. With a lens filter diameter of 72 mm you are one step from the next standard filter size, buy step-up ring and bigger filter but you can chose from plenty options.

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8 reviews for Minolta AF 100-400mm f/4.5-6.7 APO

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    21 ebay.com user rated as 4.75/5

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    49 dyxum.com user rated as 4.47/5

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    9 lens-club.ru user rated as 4.09/5

  4. Ebay.com Jan 07, 2020

    A great alternative telephoto zoom for Sony cameras This is a sharp lens. I was probably lucky to get one that looks and feels like brand new. Obviously it hasn’t been used much. It compares very well to more modern lenses. It is certainly a lot smaller and lighter than the Tamron 150-600mm lens I used to have. The focus is fast and the slight motor noise is not a problem with me. The only issue is lens creep when the camera is held downwards. Otherwise this is a great value for the $189 I paid for it. The bird photos I have taken with it are very sharp. That’s mostly what I use it for. If you need a long lens for your Sony camera, you should get one of these. It was made for full-frame 35mm cameras, so with the 1.5X crop factor on my APS-C sensor camera, this makes the lens a 150-600mm lens equivalent. There is no tripod mount but I use it with a monopod. You could also hand hold it but I recommend some sort of mount.

  5. Ebay.com Apr 13, 2021

    A Smart Choice for Sony A-mount Bodies The 100-400 APO Minolta A-mount is one of the best values available for a Sony A-mount DSLR. I bought this (from Japan) to use with a 24MP Sony A65 crop-sensor body, where it functions like a 150-600 on a full frame body. I’ve used it for for several long-lens assignments now, also shooting the same subjects with my Nikon D3x and a Sigma 150-500 (my usual option, also 24MP but full frame). The in-body stabilization in the Sony works very well with the 100-400, and the focus is fast enough not to be a problem. There’s some hunting if there is anything near your target, but the focus-lock button on the side of the lens is very useful. I generally shoot at f8 whenever possible, and the 100-400 on the D65 is sharp enough at that aperture to produce results very similar to the Sigma 150-500 on the D3X. I use them both handheld, and was pleasantly surprised at the Minolta 100-400 performance. Color and contrast are very good, the lens is well constructed, and the size of the lens is much smaller and lighter than a current design with VR or IS. The flare isn’t bad for coatings from 25 years ago, and the cost is a small fraction of the price of the current Sony 100-400 G lens. I am tempted to try the Minolta 100-400 on a full-frame Sony A-mount body to use the lens’ full potential.

  6. Ebay.com Oct 04, 2007

    Minolta 100mm f4 Macro lens This is a good Macro lens. The focal length is a good one; the 100mm gives you a bit more subject distance compared to the 50mm macro lenses. This is a very sharp lens with very little vignetting. It is better than the Minolta MC 100mm f3.5 lens in both these respects (rokkorfiles dot com did a good comparison test). There are two main drawbacks to the lens. First, with an f4 maximum aperture, it is very dark and can be difficult to focus. Secondly, the lens itself only goes to a 1:2 macro ratio, and you’ve got to attach the 1:1 adapter for true macro shots. I personally use a Kiron 105mm f2.8 macro lens which corrects both of these issues. I haven’t shot the two lenses head to head, but I’ve always been impressed with the optical quality of both. Other competitors include the Tamron adaptall 90mm f2.5 (also has a 1:1 adapter), the Vivitar 100mm f3.5 lenses (a budget option; 1:1 is via a screw-in front filter, and a few others. There really aren’t any bad 90-105mm macros, as it is a relatively easy lens to design and construct. Even ones from Panagor and Elicar are reputed to be pretty good.

  7. Ebay.com Jan 18, 2018

    Excellent inexpensive alternative I bought this lens to use on current model Sony cameras, one full frame, the other APS-C. To adapt it, I bought the Sony LA-EA4. It is proving to be an excellent set-up, focuses quickly on both bodies, provides sharp, contrasty images, and costs a fraction of the current Sony 100-400 lens.

  8. Ebay.com Jul 15, 2020

    Old style quality, modern versatility. This lens is a product of the Minolta Camera Company – they used to make every single part of each lens or camera or accessory themselves, but they sold of this sid eof their business to the Sony Corporation in 2002. This means that whilst this lens looks and feels and performs like a very recent, or very new lens, it could be 20 years old but certainly over 18 years since manufacture. It is therefore a high quality product which insspite of it’s age is highly compatible with many of the current Sony digital SLR cameras – mine is a Sony A7ii.

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