Granit is a type of photographic lens that is designed for full frame cameras. It is a manual focus lens, meaning that the user has to adjust the focus themselves rather than relying on autofocus. The lens is made up of several glass elements which are coated to reduce flare and improve image quality. The manufacturing process for this lens takes some time due to the complexity of its design. The lens has a wide aperture, which allows for more light to enter the camera and creates a shallow depth of field, resulting in a blurred background (bokeh) effect. The build quality of the lens is high, and it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The resolution of the lens is also high, meaning that images captured with this lens will be sharp and detailed. There are alternative lenses available that offer similar features, but Granit is a popular choice due to its quality and unique characteristics.

Optical design

Has 6 aperture blades, this number of blades are commonly used. Having rounded blades provides out of focus circle shape closer to a circle.

Physical characteristics

165 mm long, with this size carry only if you use it. With a lens filter diameter of 58 mm commonly filter size, presents numerous filter possibilities. Weights 950 grams so it is a heavy lens, consider using its own lens bag.

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