Cosinon 55mm f/2.8 (I)

The Cosinon 55mm f/2.8 (I) camera glass is a manual focus photographic lens with a compact and lightweight build quality. It has a high aperture value of f/2.8 which allows for brighter photos. The lens has 5 aperture blades which provides a rounded out of focus circle shape. It has a filter diameter of 49mm and weighs 190 grams, making it easy to carry around. The lens is 42mm long and is a good option for photographers who want to capture sharp and detailed photos with their full frame cameras. While it does not have autofocus, it has a good resolution and is a reliable option for those who prefer manual focus lenses. The lens has a good number of lens elements and is coated to minimize reflections and glare. The manufacturing time of the lens is not known, but it is a popular option for photographers who want a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive lenses. Overall, the Cosinon 55mm f/2.8 (I) is a good option for photographers who want a reliable and affordable prime lens for their full frame cameras.

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