Chinon 90-190mm f/5.6 MC Auto

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settings or a tripod. It has a good build quality and is made of sturdy materials. The lens elements are multi-coated, which helps to reduce glare and ghosting. The lens has a nice bokeh, which means that the out-of-focus areas in the photo will be smooth and pleasing to the eye. The lens is manually focused, which means that the photographer has to adjust the focus ring to get the desired focus. The lens is a good alternative for photographers who want a telephoto zoom lens but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end lens. The lens was manufactured in the past and is no longer in production. The lens has a resolution that is good enough for most photography needs.

Optical design

Not the best in low light conditions but the lack of high aperture can be compensated with higher iso

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2 reviews for Chinon 90-190mm f/5.6 MC Auto


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