A. Schacht Ulm Edixa-Travenar 50mm f/2.8

This camera glass has multiple lens elements and a lens coating to reduce glare and improve image quality. The build quality is solid and durable, and it was manufactured some time ago. The aperture can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering the lens, allowing for more creative control over the final image. This photographic lens produces sharp and detailed images with good resolution. While it is a manual focus lens, there are alternatives with autofocus available on the market.

Optical design

Bright lens thanks to the high aperture value Has 12 aperture blades, this lens has a beautiful bokeh.

Physical characteristics

49 mm lens filter diameter, you are one step from the next standard filter size, buy step-up ring and bigger filter but you can chose from plenty options.

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Basic data

Format Full frame
Focusing Manual Focus
Type Prime
Mounts M42


Blades 12
Filter (mm) 49
Min focus (m) 0.5
Aperture 2.8/16
Focal Length (mm) 50

Overall rating

based on 5 reviews

bokeh (5)

mechanical quality (4)

optical quality (4.2)

usability (4)

value (5)


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    5 lens-club.ru user rated as 3.92/5

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