3M-5A-MC 500mm f/8

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3M-5A-MC 500mm f/8 is a type of camera glass that can be attached to a camera for taking photos. It is a manual focus lens that can be used with full frame cameras. The lens does not have aperture blades, which means that it always works wide open. It is a large lens, measuring 152mm in length and weighing 1225 grams, so it can be heavy to carry around. The lens has a 77mm filter diameter, which is a common size for filters. The lens is made up of multiple lens elements and has a special coating to improve image quality. The lens is manufactured over a certain period of time and is designed to produce high resolution images. The lens has a fixed aperture of f/8, which means that the amount of light that enters the lens is limited. The lens is built to a high standard and is designed to last a long time. The lens produces a distinctive bokeh effect, which is the way that the lens renders out-of-focus areas of an image. The lens does not have autofocus capabilities, which means that the user must manually adjust the focus of the lens to achieve the desired result.


Basic data


Filter (mm)77
Length (mm)152
Min focus (m)4
Weight (g)1225
Focal Length (mm)500

Overall rating

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bokeh (4.12)

mechanical quality (4)

optical quality (3.62)

usability (3.62)

value (4.62)


2 reviews for 3M-5A-MC 500mm f/8

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